April 18, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff move America toward Traditional values

Given that Rabbi Daniel Lapin is credited with introducting Tom Delay to Jack Abramoff, it's not surprising that the latter is a member of Rabbi Lapin's Toward Tradition group.

It's impossible to track all the details of the Abramoff scandal, but this little tidbit from several years back provides a useful reminder that the values of Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay -- and presumably Rabbi Lapin -- can indeed be traced to the Torah as interpreted by the rabbis.

The story of Sodom, in particular.

To find out more about Jack Abramoff as a Sodomite -- or at least a defende of the same -- read this
Salon Newsreal on Tom DeLay, defender of sweatshops:

Wages in the factories average about $3 per hour -- more than $2 less than the U.S. minimum wage of $5.15. No overtime is paid for a 70-hour work week. But that's hardly the worst of it. Far away from the swank beachside hotels, luxurious golf courses and the thousands of Japanese tourists snorkling around sunken U.S. Navy landing craft in the clear waters, some 31,000 textile workers live penned up like cattle by armed soldiers and barbed wire, and squeezed head to toe into filthy sleeping barracks, all of which was documented on film by U.S. investigators last year.

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