March 13, 2012

(Reb Yudel)

Did Rav Soloveitchik really approve this message?

Customized for me on Facebook today:


Putting aside the pesky legal issues involved in using Rav Soloveitchik's image to advertise a publication he never saw, this raises some questions. Did the Rav ever read C.S. Lewis? What was his reaction to Philip Roth and his infamous early-60s appearance at Yeshiva College?

For that matter, did he ever read the student newspapers when he finished with his morning Times? For that matter, while it's becoming clear what he read in Germany, do we have any idea what he read in America? Did he read in America? Did he have a television in his apartment (they were banned in the YU dorm back in the day, though the ban was no longer enforced by the Reagan era.)? Did he watch television?

Inquiring minds want to know.