November 27, 2012

by Reb Yudel
Top Twelve Reasons Why Chanukah Is Better Than Christmas

12. You can't be nailed to the menorah.

11. More elephants in the Chanukah story.

10. No roof damage from the reindeer.

9. Never a silent night when you're amongst your Jewish loved ones.

8. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Rebbe.

7. Betting Chanukah gelt on candle races.

6. Yes, Rivka'le, there is no Santa Claus.

5. Naked spin-the-dreidel games.

4. Fun waxy build-up.

3. No awkward explanations of virgin birth.

2. Cheer optional.

1. No Irving Berlin songs.

(Written by Larry Yudelson and Yori Yanover for the Jewish Communication Network ( circa December 1995)
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