May 24, 2011

by Reb Yudel
The Comic Torah: "A true invitation to study"

The Association of Jewish Libraries reviews The Comic Torah:

As Jews, we are supposed to study Torah and find meaning in our interpretation of it. This book is a unique piece of midrash. Aaron Freeman, a comedian and NPR commentator, and his wife Sharon Rosenzweig, an artist, have created a series of 54 cartoon panels, one for each weekly parashah. They tell the stories as no one has ever told them. Some readers may find them irreverent, but the approach is both humorous and thought-provoking. The portrayal of God as a woman and the use of celebrity caricatures for biblical characters (Cheech and Chong as Nadav and Abihu, Elliot Spitzer as Laban) are original. Telling the story of the Jewish people as a romantic relationship between Moses and God with elements of Family Feud added puts a different spin on it. The authors encourage readers to la’asok b’divrei Torah (immerse oneself in Torah), depicting themselves diving into a Torah scroll on the title page. This is a true invitation to study because, as the celebrity Joshua character says, “Yes we Can-aan.” This will be a great source for discussion in Torah study groups and book clubs in non-Orthodox congregations.
For the full review -- and 39 more pages of book review goodness -- download the pdf. And don't forget to check out The Comic Torah yourself.

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