August 26, 2009

by Reb Yudel
Last Thoughts on Bobbie Zimmerman on the occasion of his forthcoming Christmas album

Where do you go with these words that have been herded
Where do you go with these rumors been twittered
The Bob Dylan has gone
and recorded an album
of songs singing of Christmas
and gone and delivered the album to Sony
with royalties all pledged
to high-minded charities
with full tax deductions
to help the hungry to feed the suffering
at home in America and across the Atlantic
an album of Christmas
of songs most religious
from he whose origins
once hidden and furtive
were revealed and proclaimed
in Time Magazine
when youngish invention
had claimed he was orphaned
so shocking it was
to read Dylan was Zimmerman
and then went to Israel
and asked of kibbutz life
who then went and found Jesus
with evangelical fervor
then quietly was rumored
to be with a long island yeshiva
and went on to sing for
a telethon of Chabad
and went on to blurb Manis Friedman
and take a frum son-in-law for his daughter
to attend most regularly
yom kippur services
and now Bob Dylan
has recorded a Christmas album
as if to declare
my love is of the music
and for the land
and I've seen the yeshiva where my grandchildren go to school
and I just can't buy that crap.
Merry Christmas, Jewboys.


The exclusionary, linear ideology of humans is startling, and sad. To think "my way is the only way" and that all others are doomed by the Creator to eternal misery, is the biggest mistake mankind has made for himself.

Like it or not, we all exist on one planet, provided by...whom, exactly? No one knows. We all just guess, and hope.

But, to hope that there is only one way, is to hope only for one's self, and not for humanity as a whole.

I do think Dylan is beyond this petty thinking, beyond the simplistic labels of "Jew", "Christian", "Muslim", or "Sikh".

He has, from an early time embraced an overarching Godhead that is beyond our abilities to fathom, or label. It makes no difference what one calls it, the label is inadequate.

When the rest of humanity catches up to this, we will be able to live in harmony, and not at each other's throats for beliefs we cannot prove. We should be evolving to a higer calling than to be stuck in the mire of earthly distinctions and dross. It is not our destiny, and it is certainly not in keeping with our capabilities.

Posted by: The One-Eyed Undertaker at August 27, 2009 12:41 PM

Well, Barbra a.k.a. "Yentl" (Papa, can you hear me?!) Streisand made one. Tracks included O Little Town of Bethlehem as well as Ave Maria and The Lord's Prayer.
I kinda cringed when I heard that Bob was REALLY doing this, but for years I imagined just such an album. I could hear Bob doing White Christmas and Jingle Bells -- as Stevie Wonder would say, singing it like Bob Dylan. And now my dream/nightmare is coming true. And I'm sure I'll love it. g

Posted by: kotzker53 at August 27, 2009 10:35 PM

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" - Irving Berlin

Great Jewish tradition to write and compose for Christmas is America.

Bob Dylan - the penultamate American song writer and traditionalist. Thanks Bob for reminding us again where our values should be.

Posted by: Michael at September 26, 2009 4:54 PM
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