January 13, 2008

by Reb Yudel
A drug & alcohol policy that can save lives

Writing in The American Interest, Mark Kleinman offers suggestions on how to treat intoxicants to minimze harm:

Deny alcohol to problem drinkers. When someone gets caught drinking and driving, we take away his license: his driving license, that is. The “license” to drink—legal permission to buy and consume alcohol in unlimited quantities—is presumed to be irrevocable. But why? We know that someone who drinks and drives is a bad citizen when drunk, but not that he is a bad driver when sober.

If someone is convicted of drunken driving, or drunken assault, or drunken vandalism, or repeatedly of drunk and disorderly conduct—if, that is, someone demonstrates that he is either a menace or a major public nuisance when drunk—then why not revoke his (or, much more rarely, her) drinking license?

Of course, in a country whose citizens believe that the Creator of the Universe will send them to Gulag Everlasting for imbibing alcohol or even caffeine, we're more likely to see President Huckabee declare a War on Cola to assuage the Utah electorate than anything like common-sense.

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