January 11, 2008

by Reb Yudel
Bayme's Newest Big Blowhardery

Baymes piece purports to help Jewish schools through the defeat of a strawman.

He neglects the fact that 80 area students and their parents wanted to go to a Jewish high school -- but couldn't get the chance.

It had nothing to do with some abstraict fear of Jewish high schools.

It had everything to do with people running those schools - who had no idea of they were doing.

And this "lay leadership" included ______, X of the United Synagogue, and ____ of JTS.

My daughter's school closed down two weeks before it should have started because of Jewish professionals who meant well, but acted incompetently.

Stop using nameless "they"s as scapegoats of all your problems. Maybe the problems are the way you're going about your business. How hard would it be to have a real investigation, a questioning of what sort of service board members provided by their presence on the board? If they could damage one school badly, I wonder what other damage they're wreaking in Jewish communal life?

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