September 23, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Publishers Weekly: reviews Life in the Present Tense: "a treasure trove of wisdom"

Publishers Weekly reviews Life in the Present Tense: Reflections on Family and Faith by Rifka Rosenwein

Before her life was cut short by cancer at age 42 in 2003, Modern
Orthodox writer and editor Rosenwein had been a beloved columnist for
seven years for the New York Jewish Week, reflecting once a
month on child-rearing, careers, love, holiness and Jewish tradition.

With equal parts humor and heartache leaping from the page in the
columns written after her cancer diagnosis, Rosenwein deals with aging
parents, challenging modern schedules, timeless holy days and the joys
of raising her three children. The columns address the quotidian
concerns of a suburban Jewish family as well as more global issues: the
fear and sadness after 9/11 and the sense of anxiety that some American
Jews have about Israel....

...this is a treasure trove of
wisdom from one of American Judaism's most beloved and lamented voices.
Rosenwein's husband, Barry Lichtenberg, provides a touching afterword,
and novelist Tova Mirvis (a former intern of hers) the foreword.

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