July 5, 2007

by Reb Yudel
The innocent people that Bush didn't pardon

Poor Scooter Libby. Caught in a perjury trap. He lied to protect his boss, and almost went to jail.

Oh, the sad lot of loyal Republicans.

Unfortunately, not everyone who needs a pardon from George W. Bush is a Republican operative. In fact, as Governor of Texas, Bush had the blood of innocents on his hands: People who the police came to believe were innocent.... but were among the 152 people executed by Gov. George Bush. Here are some of their stories, courtesy of Obsidian Wings:

Here's the short version: Serving twelve years for a rape that DNA testing shows you didn't commit does not get you a pardon. Being represented by a lawyer who slept through large chunks of the trial does not get you a pardon. Being convicted of murder in proceedings that a court-appointed special master describes as ""a breakdown of the adversarial process" caused by the incompetence of your lawyer does not get you a pardon, even when someone else confesses on tape to the murder you were convicted of. Likewise, when someone else confesses to the murder you were convicted of and you ask for a stay of execution in order to conduct tests that will establish your innocence, no dice. And when you are unquestionably incompetent to assist in your own defense but no one seems to take that fact into account, or tells the jury, that's just too bad. None of these sentences are in any way excessive, as far as George W. Bush is concerned.
That's the overview. And if you, like me, lacked the moral clarity to flee the country and stop paying Bush's salary, if you, like me, are partner in Bush's crimes through failure to water the tree of liberty as it needs to be watered in our day and age, then the least you can do is read the sad details of how much blood Bush had on his hands before moving to, and indelibly soiling, the White House.