June 22, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Is Yori Yanover the next Shmuely Boteach?

That's the question raised by Gawker.com as they review Yori's latest effort in fast-on-his-feet video: Yori Is The Next Shmuley: A Talmudic Guide to Alternate Side Parking in the LES says Gawker, referring to the longtime YudelFriend -- and author of The Cabbalist's Daughter, forthcoming from Ben Yehuda Press -- as a "vivacious Jew". Gawker describes the video itself as
kind of like Russian Ark meets "Shalom in the Home" meets that part in "The Sopranos" where Meadow can't parallel park.
But why take some blog's word for it? Watch for yourself:


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