April 22, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Moment of Silence: 36 Innocent victims of the Bush War

I'd like to see an American day of mourning for these killings, enabled by our tax dollars:

Gunmen in northern Iraq stopped a bus filled with Christians and
members of a tiny Kurdish religious sect, separating out the groups and
taking 23 of the passengers away to be shot.

Armed men in several cars stopped the bus Sunday afternoon as it was
carrying workers from the Mosul Textile Factory to their hometown of
Bashika, which has a mixed population of Christians and Yazidis -- a
primarily Kurdish sect that worships an angel considered to be the
devil by some Muslims and Christians.

The gunmen checked
passengers' identification cards, then asked all Christians to get off
the bus, said police Brig. Mohammed al-Wagga.

With the Yazidis
still inside, the gunmen drove them to eastern Mosul, where they were
lined up along a wall and shot to death, al-Wagga said.

two suicide car bombers attacked a police station Sunday in western
Baghdad, killing at least 13 people and wounding 82, police said.

The first driver raced through a police checkpoint guarding the station
and exploded his vehicle just outside the two-story building, police
said. Moments later, a second suicide car bomber aimed for the
checkpoint's concrete barriers and exploded just outside them, police

The blasts collapsed nearby buildings, smashing windows and burying at
least four cars under piles of concrete. Metal roofs were peeled back
by the force of the explosions. Pools of blood made red mud of a dusty

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