April 18, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Bush celebrates innocence in deaths of 6 million Jews, 31 Virginians!

It's been quite a couple days for the Grand American Decider. George W. Bush, who has consistently proven  that "W stands for Wimp" in his failure to attend military funerals for the more than 3,000 American soldiers who have died in his Iraq Adventure, found two memorial services he had time to attend.

First, he went to Virginia Tech, where a lone gunmen had turned a placid American college campus into  a scene from a Baghdad university --  except that the dozens of students murdered by the Iraqi thugs loosed by Bush's grand Iraqi adventure never get a picture on the American editions of CCN or Newsweek.

"Only 31 ? Heh, maybe Baghdad is dangerous after all. Heh, Heh. I mean, golly, I bet 157 folks will get blown up there tomorrow," the Commander in Chief failed to tell a grieving university.

Because that would involve honesty, and honesty is  what we won't hear from Bush. Never had. He's the decider, heh. He decides. He decides what is true and false. Heh. Or maybe he just says it.

I'll say this for Bush: He was innocent of the Holocaust. He killed no one in World War II.

And really, all the folks dying in Iraq aren't Jewish.

And if there's one thing America's Jews seem to agree on, it's that "Never Again" really means, "Never Again to Jews."

Because if it meant never again to hatred and prejudice, why would America's top hate monger -- the man who turned the Justice Department and the Civil Rights Act into a tool to disenfranchise  American citizens -- be invited to speak?


Invited to speak where?

Posted by: Nos at April 23, 2007 1:15 AM
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