March 30, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Bush: Making America more like Russia

Dov Bear on how Bush bends the law beyond recognition
Bush and his cronies have changed well established norms that, for generations, have served to check the president's power. Examples include the purge of the US attorneys. Though the president has always had the power to fire government lawyers, it hardly ever happened. Now that Bush has changed this norm, US attorneys must remember to show deference to their political patrons when in the past the law was their only master.
Just as good Communists justified all means toward their utopian ends, loyal Republicans -- the hardcore 30% who still support president -- have a fixed ideology that doesn't let them see what is in front of their noses, to mangle Andrew Sullivan's George Orwell epigraph.

The question the rest of us need to ask -- if there is any hope in restoring America -- is how did these people get so embedded in their ideology? And how can they be extracted? TrackBack

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