January 19, 2007

by Reb Yudel
What they said, and when they said it

David Sirota asks what's up with all the liars -- not only the usual suspects like the President and the Narcissus of Connecticut, but the columnists who are supposed to be keeping the politicians honest (yes, he means you, Joe Klein, David Brooks, and Richard Cohen):

How can we expect to change course in Iraq, if a president is given a pass to claim he has never stayed the course in the first place? How can we expect to hold lawmakers accountable if they are never questioned about their efforts to deliberately mislead us? How can we expect the media to be a watchdog if its leading analysts and news framers face no public sanctions when they disrespect the truth or give credence to fringe ideologies?

A country whose national political conversation is dominated by voices that deny their own complicity in national security tragedies; downplay human casualties, and generally make dishonesty mundane, is a nation prevented from reflecting on its bad decisions -- and thus is doomed to repeat such bad decisions in the future.

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