January 4, 2007

by Reb Yudel
Gary Rosenblatt et al peddle Republican Party talking points again

Wondering what the Republican spin is on Congress these days? Look no further than the new Jewish Week editorial, Bipartisan Time On Hill:

The 110th Congress, which convened this week under Democratic control, has the potential to break through the legislative gridlock that has gripped Capitol Hill in recent years. But that will happen only if the new leadership finds ways to build bipartisan coalitions, and not simply use Congress to score political points.

The plain fact is that the nation can ill afford two more years of partisan mud slinging instead of serious legislating. Critical decisions have to be made about tax and spending policies to bring the huge federal deficit under control.

Legislative gridlock? From a Republican House that never allowed Democratic amendments, a Republican Senate that stole away the traditional filibuster, and a Republican president who only once vetoed a bill, and that strictly for show?

The fact is, there was no minimum wage increase because Republicans don't want one. There was no reigning in of the deficit because, well, Republicans want a deficit because they want to bankrupt the federal government. (Excuse me: The correct phrase is "drown it in the bathtub.")

But whence this bi-partisan blather? For a dozen years -- and in particular the last four -- the Republicans made clear their notion that, as they said, "bi-partisanship is just another word for date rape."

Turns out that "bi-partisanship" is... the latest Republican talking point.

Look here and here where Digby dissects some of this; and over Media Matters for more details, including just how partisan (not to mention willfully incompetent) the departed Republican congress was.

So: Happy New Years. And welcome to another year of Gary Rosenblatt's Jewish Week Editorial Page, whose motto apparently is: "Fox Spins, We Retype"