November 16, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Republicans Kill the Budget Progress: And Gary Rosenblatt Blames the Democrats

If one can be so open-minded that one's brains fall out, what does being excessively even-handed mean? If your answer is "State Department Arabist," you clearly haven't been reading the New York Jewish Week editorial section, which has taken to not singling out Republicans when its time to slap hands for assorted crimes and misdemeanors, ranging from Jack Abramoff to, in this week's issue, the failure of Congress to pass spending bills for the budget year that started several weeks ago.

What's to blame for that latest example of Congressional irresponsibility? Republican cowardice? A failure to confront hard choices prior to an election? A disfunctional culture of enablement between a rubber-stamp Congress and a What-Me-Veto President?

Nope, in the eyes of Gary Rosenblatt, those pesky Democrats are at least equally to blame:

The federal budget is a shambles, but Congress, tied up in partisan knots, has been unwilling or unable to take even baby steps toward repairing the fiscal damage.
Congress, tied in partisan knots? Yes, if by partisan knots you mean a four-year reign of Republican autocracy, during which bills were voted on only if the majority of the Republican congress approved, in which legislation was inserted into mark-up and voted on without being read, in which votes were improperly extended while hands were twisted and bribes were offered, and in which the failure of a bill to pass constitutionally-mandated hurdles was no obstacle to its passage and execution. Yes, the soon-to-depart 109th Congress was the most partisan, as well as the most do-nothing, in memory -- but don't blame that on "partisanship," Mr. Rosenblatt, with "bipartisanship" some kind of cure. The problem is the Republican Party, pure and simple.

And as for the cure -- well, the American voters (or, some would say, the hand of God) took care of that last week.

Now, if only we can have a referendum on the Jewish Week. TrackBack


Gary has been a disappointment. He is falling into the trap that many jewish Establishment figures do, which is to msitake unthinking evenhandedness for statesmanship.
On the other hand, it may just be bad writing, and he really meant partisanship in the way that you do.

Posted by: Jordan Hirsch at November 17, 2006 4:04 PM
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