November 14, 2006

by Reb Yudel
White House insider: The I in Faith-Based stands for Christ!

David Kuo, deputy director of the White House Office of Fatih-Based and Community Initiatives, spills the beans on Republican-style Religion:
My wife Kim and I were together with a group of friends and acquaintances. Someone mentioned that I used to work at the White House in the faith-based office.

A woman piped up and said, "Really? Wow, I was on the peer-review panel for the first Compassion Capital Fund." I asked her about how she liked it and she said it was fun. She talked about how the government employees gave them grant review instructions – look at everything objectively against a discreet list of requirements and score accordingly. "

But," she said with a giggle, "when I saw one of those non-Christian groups in the set I was reviewing, I just stopped looking at them and gave them a zero."

At first I laughed. A funny joke. Not so much. She was proud and giggling and didn't get that there was a problem with that.

I asked if she knew of others who'd done the same.

"Oh sure, a lot of us did." She must have seen my surprise, "Was there a problem with that?"
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