September 17, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Pluto ~ Good or Bad for the Jews?

David Holzel moderates a symposium at Jewish Tangents:
Pluto thus has been banished from the company of what are now referred to as The Eight Classical Planets and joins a growing list of small, weird and marginal distant bodies that are only becoming known to us. So the questions naturally arise: Is this good or bad for the Jews? What is the Jewish Response to Pluto's downgrading? Is there a Jewish Angle to Pluto at all? Well, of course there is, and we have convened a symposium of Noted Jewish Thinkers to provide some answers.

Our Noted Jewish Thinkers include: Dan Brook, a writer, activist and instructor of sociology at San Jose State University; Glenn Hammel, a psychotherapist in Sacramento; Todd Leopold, an editor at and a prime mover behind the Franklin Pierce Pages; Ricky March, stand-up comedian from the funny city of Chicago; Andrew Silow-Carroll, editor-in-chief of the New Jersey Jewish News; and Larry Yudelson, a writer and editorial director of Ben Yehuda Press,

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