July 4, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Gevalt, Mama! Could this really be the beginning?

Digital Spy reports that Early Bob Dylan poems up for sale:
Early poems by Bob Dylan are up for auction in New York next month.

The writings date back to around 1960, when Robert Zimmerman first used the pseudonym 'Bob Dylan'.

A spokesman for auction house Christies said: "While some of the poems are rooted in his daily university life and reference his Jewish heritage with Yiddish phrases, the wit and irony pervasive in his later songwriting are already evident."

The poems are expected to raise $70,000, according to BBC News.

Yiddish phrases? In early Dylan poetry? Gevalt! Who knew? Certainly not those of us who read his Chronicles memoir. While we wait for excerpts from this Dylan juvenalia to leak out, submissions of imagined early Dylan poetry with Yiddish lines are invited. TrackBack
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