May 25, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Call to Action: The case of Vicki Polin

From USAJewish:

Some of you may be aware of the fact that for the last five years there has been a movement to glorify the accomplishments of a woman named Vicki Polin and an organization called the Awareness Center. firmly believes there is a problem in doing this. There have been numerous accusations that Vicki Polin abused the Jewish community's trust placed in her by attacking innocent persons, starting with her campaign to brand the Orthodox community of Chicago as Satan worshippers.

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Ok, I know nothing of her Oprah stint, but I think there is value in her efforts to bringing rapists and molesters to justice.

So please carefully measure your efforts against the publicity that she has generated and possibly made a impact on molestation in the Jewish community.

Posted by: Jonah Halper at May 25, 2006 7:53 PM


The people arguing for her are like people who argue that one ought not to say anything bad about christianity because, after all is said and done, they taught love to the whole world. Without christiantiy, they argue, what would one know about the God of Love? I've heard Jews argue like that; whose ancestors not so far removed could give them lessons in the various flavors of christian love. So vick polin, has people arguing on her behalf that she does so much for uncovering sexual abuse in the Jewish community, preventing it happening by having her websites and similar shtuyot. When all the time she provides blanket coverage for women like herself who molest their charges and sadistically gleefully torture and victimize the weak.

The claim she constantly puts forward that she is working for the safety and benefit of the jewish community is just like the other claims she makes. It is clever because it is the exact opposite of the truth. Always remember, she knows how to work the system. the truth is Vic Polin is a profoundly, woven-into-the-fabric Judenfiend - jew hater. You can't separate the antisemitism from the person or the person from the message. It's a seamless whole. All her websites, her life's work is the purest turncoat treachery. She reminds one of Johannes Pfefferkorn type of jew in Jewish history who spent the remainder of their miserable lives after apostasy uncovering proofs of Jewish perfidy in the sacred texts and unwritten customs and rituals of their families and communities. We don't make the connections between vicki polin and those traitors because we don't like to savor the taste of our own failure. Vicki Polin is us? Neh, can't be! Well, she's us until we kick her out and deny her a platform and cut off her money. CUT OFF HER MONEY.

Posted by: etzba ketana at May 26, 2006 10:33 AM
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