May 22, 2006

by Reb Yudel
All the News Reporting That's Not Fit to Acknowledge

Longtime YudelLine readers may recall that I cancelled my New York Times subscriptions some months ago. An "even-handed" portrayal of creationism, deftly edited to make it seem at least 50% true, was the breaking point, but the utter failure of the New York Times to challenge or investigate the American government was another proximate cause. I decided my money would be better spent subscribing to magazines and donating to blogs, and thereby subsidizing real journalism and real science writing.

Turns out that the New York Times is miffed, as this story of its failure to properly credit a blog which is among those that has replaced it as a recipient of my funds:

Josh Marshall, whose Talking Points Memo (and new TPMMuckraker spinoff) regularly breaks news on those stories it focused on, notes with amusement today that the New York Times won't actually credit his site for a scoop about documents relating to bribery in the Dusty Foggo/CIA/Cunningham/Wilkes imbroglio.

The documents simply "appeared on the Internet Tuesday," the Times story says. Apparently they simply materialized.

This is like writing about the Times' scoop on NSA spying by writing, "News of the program appeared on paper last month."
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