May 17, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Debra Nussbaum Cohen gives good advice to Conservative Movement

From the Jewish Week:

Conservative Judaism is currently a movement in search of a message and a good slogan will distill and communicate it clearly. “God is Still Speaking” neatly sums up what the Conservative movement ought to be projecting.

In four simple words it says that Conservative Judaism is a movement of faith and fidelity to what it understands God wants of us. It also makes clear Conservative Judaism’s belief in Jewish law as an evolving, rather than closed, body of work.

Really, that's only a small change from its current motto: "God is still speaking, but only to Ismar Schorch and Jack Wertheimer... neither of whom have checked the Brush fifth floor fax lately anyways."
Heres hoping Arnie Eisen brings some much-needed perestroika to 3080 Broadway.

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