May 5, 2006

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Yoffie break

I talk with Rabbi Eric Yoffie about his recent visit to Jerry Falwell's Liberty U:

Yoffie said there is some talk of a follow-up to his speech at Liberty, although it was too early to discuss details. One option does not seem to be in the offing, however: Asked if Yoffie might invite Falwell to speak at a URJ biennial, Yoffie paused for a good long moment. “Realistically — I don’t think it is terribly likely that if he were to speak in front of a Jewish audience, that is one he would choose,” said Yoffie, hinting at the limits of “public debate.” “We have no objection to hearing from someone with profound disagreements, [but] I don’t think that would be the Jewish audience he would be searching for.”
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