May 5, 2006

by Reb Yudel
When politics become heresy

Those of us on the religious left are frequently accused of letting our politics guide our theology. Fact is, like most right-wing attacks, it's a project of the right-wing game plan. But give the Republicans credit: They're willing to put their money where their mouth is. Vis Street Prophets: Follow The Money

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington has released what by all rights should be considered a landmark study authored by former New York Times reporter Jim McNaughton tracking how a handful of wealthy political reactionaries has funded much of the current strife within the Episcopal Church in the USA, as well as fomented schism in the Worldwide Anglican Communion. Read the whole thing, if for no better reason than that it's an excellent introduction to the shenanigans of the "dominionist" right.

McNaughton focuses on Howard Ahmanson, who seems to be the leading money man behind the conservative "renewal" movement in the ECUSA. Along with apparently being a major benefactor of the Richard Scaife-affiliated Institute for Religion and Democracy - which began life with smears against mainline denominations' foreign missions boards, and continues today with campaigns to undermine those denominations from within.

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