May 3, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Viswanathan Victim of Ivy Vying?

As the YudelClan begins the college admissions ordeal expect to see more expose's of the college admissions racket industry, such as this timely piece on New Jersey's own teen-age literary sensation / plagiarism cautionary tale: Left2Right: The admissions counselor and the plagiarist gets the clear impression that the admissions counselor and the literary agent drew Viswanathan into a commitment that was understandably over her 17-year-old head.

Viswanathan put a line on her resume and, before she knew it, an adolescent creative-writing project had become a half-million-dollar sensation, thanks to two marketing specialists -- one a marketer of college applicants, the other a marketer of literary properties.  Viswanathan was left to fulfill the ambitions of these adults while keeping up with her high-school coursework.

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