April 30, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Sorry YudelLine was down on Friday; we were supporting the first amendment

There is a downside to using a web hosting company that hosts various popular blogs: When news breaks, such as on election night, there's the possibility that a surge of traffic will slow us down.

But there's an important upside as well: When Saudi fundamentalists decide to take out a web site they deem offensive and blasphemous, my (small and reasonable) hsoting fees are paying for the technical staff that protects the site and gets it running again, rather than deeming it controversial and a too much of a bother.

I'm no fan of the sort of blogger that Aaron's CC exemplifies: Convinced he's in an epic struggle of civilizations, with only he and his fellow bloggers standing guard against the horde of Muslims, Europeans and Jewsliberals. But I am quite happy to defend his right to blaspheme Islam and anything else thath draws his ire -- and even happier that I was able to pay for that defense not with my life, but with a couple of hours of internet connectivity.

And a special thank you to Stacy @ Hosting Matters, for doing the right thing.

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