April 25, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Is George Bush Doing for Teaneck What He Did To New Orleans?

Orcinus has an important post on politics and the environment, of which I steal only a small part:

But of all the historical gaffes committed by this administration -- and by conservative-movement rule generally -- perhaps none will have greater long-term ramifications for Americans and for the world than its manifest failures in confronting the realities of global warming. Like Katrina, it is a mounting force of nature that cannot be wished away by spin. And like the peak oil crisis, it will affect millions of Americans and the very way we live. There's a reason Al Gore is out stumping on the issue now: He was right in 1992, and he's right now.
Given that all signs point to faster warming than predicted, one blogger (quoted by Orcinus) says rather than looking at projects, we should look at history... which has grim news for those of us only 50 feet above sea level:

How far can it go? The last time the world was three degrees warmer than today -- which is what we expect later this century -- sea levels were 25m higher. So that is what we can look forward to if we don't act soon. None of the current climate and ice models predict this. But I prefer the evidence from the Earth's history and my own eyes. I think sea-level rise is going to be the big issue soon, more even than warming itself.
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