April 25, 2006

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
When it rains...

JINSA, in its new role as media critic, releases its second press release in as many weeks:


For immediate release Contact: Daniel V. Smith
April 25, 2006 (202) 667-3900

(Washington, DC, April 18) Tom Neumann, executive director of The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, today released the following statements regarding CBS’s Sixty Minutes program in which the integrity of the Office of the President of the United States was trashed without

“This week CBS’s Sixty Minutes did a program on allegations that the President and his men doctored up CIA analyses and other intelligence in order to create a casus belli. Tyler Drumheller, CIA’s lead man in Europe, argued that there was no evidence worth its weight in salt that indicated Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

“Absent from the program was the probing interrogative questioning that Sixty Minutes normally does when interviewing an individual. In fact, the program was less of an interview than a platform.

“The allegations went so far as to imply that the President went to war frivolously, practically war for war’s sake.

“Argue the justification or the correctness of the President’s decision all you want. History will judge. But shame on Sixty Minutes for selling the integrity of the President of the United States without a challenge, even without raising an eyebrow.”

For further commentary by Mr. Neumann, please contact the JINSA office at 202-667-3900.


I assume he's auditioning for the role of White House Press Secretary.

Posted by: Reb Yudel at April 25, 2006 3:31 PM
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