April 24, 2006

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
First they came for Kyle...

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, which according to its Web site has sent out 13 press releases since 1996, imposes on its overworked p.r. staff by issuing an important missive on a vital security issue:

For immediate release Contact: Jim Colbert April 18, 2006 (202) 667-3900

Comedy Central’s Self-Censorship Degrades American Values

(Washington, DC, April 18) Tom Neumann, executive director of The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, today released the following statements regarding Comedy Central's decision to censor a depiction of Mohammed on the "South Park" show:

“If you don't believe terrorists have already changed our values - think again. Comedy Central, the bastion of ‘anything goes in a democratic society’ school has fallen victim to the fear of terrorism.

“They tolerated ‘South Park’ ridiculing African Americans, homosexuals, Jews and Catholics under the guise of freedom of speech. Everything is fair game except Mohammed.

“Can you yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater? Maybe. But don't even think about yelling Mohammed.

“Fear conquers all - even those who claim to be fearless voices.”

For further commentary by Mr. Neumann, please contact the JINSA office at 202-667-3900.

Mr. Neumann is apparently upset over this.


Watched the same episode, had the same reaction. The conclusion is that bullies rule the world of communicatons. Journalists and other media folks are cowards who attack only when they don't fear the object of their attack.

Posted by: Yori yanover at April 25, 2006 7:05 AM
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