March 31, 2006

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Walt and Mearsheimer -- God's gift to the ZOA

"The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” the infamous paper written by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, could have the (presumably) unintended consequence of undermining the very kinds of compromise that the two profs think necessary for Mideast peace.

I suspect you’ll hear more sentiments along [the] lines ... that there is nothing one can do to please those who hate Israel, so Israel ought to stop trying. But that assumes that the whole point of disengagement from the Palestinians is to win Israel friends in Harvard Yard, as opposed to disentangling Israel from a dangerous relationship that can only lead to more blood, more tears, more moral compromise.

[T]hat will be a harder point to make now, if the theories of Mearsheimer and Walt gain traction. M&W probably believe themselves to be champions of Middle East peace and advocates of positions, like “even-handedness,” that they insist are not allowed to be heard in the halls of power. The sad fact is that their fantasies about a pro-Israel conspiracy only weaken the politicians and diplomats who have worked hard to change the realities of the Middle East for the better.

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with pollard we had the american dryfus

now we've got the american protocols


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