March 23, 2006

by Reb Yudel is defacto arm of Awareness Center

Do you think all of Vicki Polin's donors know that she spends her time fighting her own private vendettas against bloggers rather than actually helping victims of abuse?

It's clear that Vicki Polin and are functionally one and the same, now that the photo mentioned in my previous post has been copied to the Awareness Center web site.


Yes we all know vicki is using fifteen different blogger names representing a sample of her multiole personalities to try to get even with ALLEGED abusers. this is not a news article it's old hat.

Posted by: me at April 5, 2006 5:23 AM

Yes, it is obvious that Jewish Survivors is Vicki Polin's blog. I have been slandered by Vicki Polin, as others have. What is her problem? You would think a so-called advocate for victims of abuse would welcome others who are helping victims to overcome abuse. Are you a rabbi who supports victims of abuse? We need rabbis to do this. What do you suggest is a course of action to take to stop vicki from her slanders? Thank you.

Dr. Charlotte Schwab author of Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust

Posted by: Dr. Charlotte Schwab at May 25, 2006 6:25 PM

Regarding Jewish "Survivors" of Sexual Violence -I do also believe that Vicki Polin has a heavy hand in the publishing of this blog. Via email, the "publisher" of Jewish "Survivors" told me that "she" and Vicki are very good friends. It could be Vicki herself for all I know.

Vicki asked me several months ago to remove my advocacy link to Dr. Charlotte Schwab's advocacy website from my blog - Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct Survivor. I refused to do this as Vicki refused to provide me with any conclusive proof that any victim/survivor had indeed had a problem with Charlotte. I believe the basis of this slander and defamation of Charlotte's character is based on professional jealousy. In Vicki's mind, advocacy is a popularity contest and somehow Vicki has felt slighted - pehaps because she has never written a book or earned her PhD.

Vicki and Jewish "Survivors" are using the techniques utilized by abusive rabbi's and their supporters to harass rabbinic sexual miconduct advocates to continue their attack on Dr Schwab. They are busy posting their "warning" on other blogs. This is indeed slander and defamation of character and if I had my law degree already - I would be representing Charlotte in legal action against those two pro bono (free of charge). I would be my pleasure to put a stop to this attack, this witch-hunt against a wonderful lady who helps so very many victim/survivors every day.

Thank you very much for being a voice of reason in this issue. I appreciate when someone tells the truth. Chavah

Posted by: Chavah Hogue at May 29, 2006 12:52 PM

Yehudit ben Menachem’s take of the Gafni case:

He is sex offender that should have been bared from working in any Chinuch capacity.We all heard
rummers and stories from victims but chose to ignore it and listen to the self appointed
‘Mavins’ that declared him innocent.

The fact is that the man is sick, he would do anything to cover-up his acts, including a quick turn around T’shuvah. This addiction is difficult to overcome and he is misleading himself and
others believing that saying sorry + treatment
and 2 Aspirins, will make him all better.

This is a struggle for life. No quick and cleaver shtick is going to work this time.He has to learn
to abstain from triggers, go regularly to therapy and support group.He must be supervised and learn a new way of living: Free of his inflated Ego and Eros,away from publicity and lime light. People like him benefit from serving jail time, not only as a punishment but a way to “hit bottom”. Only then, he might be humbled enough and truly free himself from this false persona he marketed to his followers.

p.s.Notice how he ended his apology:"With love
and pain beyond words, MORDECHAI"
Look at capital letters throughout his name,
Bettet sign lower case…
lower then that…

Posted by: Yehudit ben menachem at May 30, 2006 3:27 PM
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