March 23, 2006

by Reb Yudel
They Must Go: The shames of Meir Kahane and Vicki Polin

The last time I saw Meir Kahane was in a Jerusalem hotel about 15 years ago. He had summoned a conference to create a second Jewish state. The State of Judea, he proclaimed, would claim as its birthright all of the Land of Israel renounced by the State of Israel.

This was probably Kahane's last brilliant bit of guerilla theater before being shot by Sayid Nossair in Manhattan in '92. (Do you think the coiner of the phrase "for every Jew a .22" appreciates that his assassin would be acquitted of murder but jailed for weapons possession?)

On the face of it, the idea seemed brilliant. It declared maximalist territorial goals, rendering irrelevant the talk of Shimon Peres of peace plans and conferences. It made concrete the no-longer-new anti-Israel messianic Zionism of Kahane and the settler movement. And it created a new and distinctive brand; a few years later, one would see "Judea" magnets on the refrigerators of Hebron settlers if one squinted carefully on CNN.

Of course, the idea, as tends to be the case with the thoughts of fanatics, was at least as idiotic as it was brilliant. Could a "State of Judea" really fend off Arab armies? It would not be long until Yitzhak Rabin pulled Israeli troops OUT from Jericho a couple of years later, with no earstwhile Judean Army looking to conquer the territory.

But what I recall most about the event, which had promised the Herzlian chance of seeing the founding of a Jewish state, is the moment in which Kahane placed his pride before his purpose, and destroyed whatever chance his crazed brainstorm had to become a geopolitical reality.

The moment came after the first round of speeches. Kahane had assembled a broad group of people dissatisfied with the Israeli state. There was the university professor who had a whole notion of how to create a halacha-based constitution; I think he was a professor of Engineering or one of those mechanical fields whose practitioners tend, when let loose upon the world of humanity, to turn into utter crackpots. There was Kahane, of course. And there were a handful of others, probably eight or nine in all, spread behind the dais, each with their own visions which, they were convinced, would enable "Judea" to be the Jewish state that could.

So it was after the opening round, when all the invited guests had had their say, that the discussion turned to the practical. What should be done? What steps could be taken to move this vision into the realm of the practical?

And now we approach the moment I remember. One man, probably in his 30s, an activist from Hebron, with a Gush Emunim beard, began slowly, cautiously, dangerously.

"Kavod harav," he said, "With all respect to the honored rabbi... it is sad and it is tragic but it is the truth Rabbi Kahane's name is... controversial. It is unfortunate but it is true. So perhaps rather than selectin the honorable Rabbi Kahane to be the leader, the Prime Minister, of this new country, we should honor him -- of course all honor is due him -- with a symbolic role, perhaps president -- and find someone else, who will not enrage the media and distract from our shared purpose."

Well, it didn't take Kahane long to see what was coming.

He was not happy.

He began to scowl.

His face started to twitch.

"Titbayesh," he snarled. "Shame!"

And that was the end of the proposal. The young man from Hebron tried defending his emminently reasonable proposal, but Kahane would have none of that.

The Judea idea continued for a bit. They even printed up some stickers that looked like postage stamps.

But with Kahane at the helm, the State of Judea was just another Kahane stunt. The idea never grew beyond its founder.

I'm reminded of that moment because I've just seen it happen again.

A brilliant idea thrown under the wheel of its creator's ego.

Advocacy for Jewish victims of sexual assault, and of Rabbinic sexual misconduct, is a noble cause.

But when those at the forefront of the battle start using their platform for their own private vendettas, they're no longer part of the solution: They're part of the problem.

So congratulations are in order to Vicki Polin of The Awareness Center and the blogger currently known as JWB. They've just run over their cause, their claim to righteousness, and ultimately their professional viability.

You see, they're angry at me. They don't like the I have a friend who has a friend who has both disgruntled exes and semicha. In their manichean little world, the rabbi in question is EVIL, his friend is EVIL and I, who never met the rabbi in question, am EVIL as well.

Now, there are grounds for sympathy toward both of these people. Vicki has been hypnotized into believing that she is a baby-killer, and JWB no doubt has some kind of sad story of his own.

Truth be told, there's nothing like having children for growing a sense of empathy.

And there's nothing like having your children attacked to sweep aside your empathy.

So when I find a picture of my daughter on Vicki's site, whose content clearly gives pleasure not only to anti-semites but those who get off on all sorts of sordid tales of rape and molestation -- the sound you heard was my empathy zooming out the window.

I'm sorry their life has been hard. And I understand they don't appreciate that I've poked back at the curtain of anonymity and righteousness that they use to cloak their McCarthyite jihad. The fact that I showed JWB to be a liar and a blowhard probably didn't please him either.

But now that they've dragged my daughter into it, placing a picture of me and her on their "Rabbinic Abuse" web site -- and dubbed me "Rabbi" to boot -- along with some ludicrous guilt-by-association post that would make Barry Chamish blush -- well, I guess it it's time to finish taking out the trash.

I've run away from this fight a couple of times before, thinking I had better things to do. Apparently not. Before it was personal. Now, it's for the children.


If Luke Ford is linking this page, it shouldn't go without notice that Vicki Polin was a regular columnist on, my own daily news blog. This is a serious charge, putting her right at the apex of the conspiracy. Think of it, Polin not only associated with known sex offenders and the friends of sex offenders, she actually supported their efforts, possibly even supplying them with fresh crops of children from her father's satanic beis medrash (the Satansky shul).

As soon as she entered my sheine punim on her "Jewish Survivors" blog (I wonder if the German govt. has been approached for reparations), I sent Vicki (Dingo ate my baby) Polin a stern email ordering her to remove my image, which she acquired without permission. That's when she posted her legal use thing. Clever girl. it's all that natal protein, I suspect.

Anyway, I have no idea why Rabbi (You need a heter, how much can you spend?) Yudelson chose to lump his Jerusalem journalism joojoo with his gripe regarding the use of his private photograph. As I grow older, I, too, find myself boring the young’ns with my tales of a youth abandoned. Also, who says the State of Judea is a dead idea? I just bought their tax free bonds from this guy, he had maps and everything!

Posted by: Yori yanover at March 23, 2006 8:14 AM

After the passing of 20 years after Meir Kahane's murder only one thing was proven. He was absolutely correct if anyone ever takes the time to listen to his debates or read his books.

The inept compare him to Stalin and Hitler in no where does he profess concentration camps, murder or genocide only to finnish the Arab initiated transfer of their 800,000+ Jewish refugees from the 63 Islamic States. This man was a blessing and may there soon be another like him. I find it actaully appalling how people don't learn their history and cater to Nazi/Communist/Islamic inspired propaganda instead of hunting for truth. Perhaps reading the Quraan, Mein Kempf or the Communist Manifesto all advocate the extermination of the Non-religious/political/racial conformist.

It is sad that the Jew is continually the scape goat of the ignorant for the purely fabricated "Palestinian" cause of Jewish extermination. The "Palestinian" had been purely fabricated by the Arabe League in 1964 and subsequently Golda Meir and every other Arab dictator (Nasser, Assad, Hussein etc.) for the next 3 years had stated similarly: "There is NO such thing as a "Palestinian"."

If one researches historical fact or religious texts the Arab Moslem Nazi has absolutely no arguement whatsoever. The "Palestinan" or Nazi Moslem in general continually promulgates the ineptitude: "The Jews stole the land from the Arab". If anything the Jews actually "stole" the land from the British who gained posession over the land from their conquest over the Ottoman Turks in WWI, further recognized Mandate by the League of Nations. Perhaps the British stole the land from the Non-Arab Turks who controlled the lands for the previous 500 years? How about the Mongols?

Any arguement in favor for the murderous Arab/Moslem Nazi's only needs to both be proven inept with minimal research and perhaps a read of their Holy books to gain an idea why and what Islam has instore for all non-Moslems.

The funniest thing is that people like Josepth McCarthy(Arthur Herman), Barry Goldwater (Stephen Shadegg) as well Meir Kahane were far more correct then incorrect in their assumptions and political quests.


One of Kahane's best works is "They Must Go" which seems to confrom to the liberal work by Joan Peters "From Time Immemorial" or "Secret War Agaisnt the Jews" - John Loftus or perhaps a work from a British Journalist within the Arab Legion "The Will to Survive" - J. Phillips.

Posted by: Dr. Stephen Avrington at April 4, 2006 10:04 PM
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