March 16, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Manga Midrash!

From Behrman House:

Manga is a graphic novel technique popular among pre-teens and teens.

is an ancient Jewish storytelling tradition based on biblical texts.

Put them together and you have Manga Midrash—an innovate and motivating way to teach Torah and Jewish values.


You can't be serious, larry. Did you look at the sample pages? Yuck. Bereft of humor and imagination. They do their darned best to turn off the reader to the midrash. Not a daring bone in that whole body.

Posted by: Yori yanover at March 16, 2006 2:38 PM

Hey-give 'em a break. It's a start. I had some students randomly sample the preview issue and the responses were quite positive. First, let's get them reading them-then we can have the folks at behrman House tweak the contents.

Posted by: Adrian Durlester at March 19, 2006 9:45 PM

Wouldn't the combination of manga and midrash be MASH-MOSH?

Posted by: David H. at March 20, 2006 10:49 AM
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