February 23, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Port Security: Jewish Republican Quits Party!

Mystical Paths declares that

There's a point where pro-business hurts, and a point where it's corruption and disingenious. George Bush has just jumped the shark.
He elaborates:
I support the ideals of the U.S. Republican party, but I no longer
support either President Bush, his administration, or the Republican
control of Congress (which has treated the U.S. budget as a piggy bank
to be raided.)

Just to emphasize this change in thinking, it should be noted that I'm...

-> A member of the Republican National Committee
-> A member of the Republican Jewish Coalition
-> A member of Blogs for Bush
-> A member of GOP Bloggers

It's unlikely I'll still be a member of them next week.

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