February 23, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Shiites kill Sunnis -- and damn straight I blame the Republicans

A reminder of how Bush created the Iraqi civil war:

From the moment that Baghdad fell in April 2003 and much of the public infrastructure was systematically destroyed, the United States failed to fulfill the first overriding obligation of an occupying power: to establish and maintain order. Coalition (mainly American) forces failed to secure Iraq's cities, roads, electricity grids, oil pipelines and borders. The tenacious insurgency, fed and emboldened by an escalating influx of foreign jihadist terrorists, sabotaged roads and crucial facilities as rapidly as they were repaired.

Not surprising, Iraqis quickly lost confidence in the Americans. They now had to face, instead of Saddam, a new but still paralyzing fear -- of chaos, and of various possible forms of violent assault and sudden death.

Why did this happen? Both the military and civilian aspects of the postwar mission were astonishingly short of resources. Not only did the coalition forces not have nearly enough troops, but America also never had enough armored Humvees and other vehicles, including helicopters, or high-quality body armor. We never had nearly enough translators and interpreters, nor enough civilians who knew Iraq's culture, history and language.

The coalition government relied heavily on a revolving door of diplomats and other personnel who would leave just as they had begun to develop local knowledge and ties, and on a large cadre of eager young neophytes whose brashness often gave offense in a very age- and status-conscious society. One young political appointee (a 24-year-old Ivy League graduate) argued that Iraq should not enshrine judicial review in its constitution because it might lead to the legalization of abortion. A much more senior Iraqi interlocutor (a widely experienced Iraqi-American lawyer) became so exasperated with the young man's audacity that he finally challenged him:

``You must have thoroughly studied the history of the British occupation of Iraq.''

``Yes, I did,'' the young American replied proudly.

``I thought so,'' said the Iraqi, ``because you seem determined to repeat every one of their mistakes.''

Thanks to Atrios for the history lesson.


Beg to differ, sir, the British committed no mistakes in Iraq. They followed a carefully designed policy of divide and conquer, pushing and pulling each ethnic minority just so, to make sure they all turned to the Europeans for management services.

When they left, they made sure to tear off the richest oil deposits in the country and held on to them, as they did in Aden at the southern tip of the peninsula. You see, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, he had the full right to do it. The Kuwaiti dynasty is a British-made fiction, much more so than the Hashamites, who at least own the claim on Mecca.

If anything, the US is borrowing whole pages from the Soviet playbook in Afghanistan, leading us into bankruptcy in a similar manner. In this game, the US is playing Russia, while Iran is actually in the role of America, feeding the flames of resistance.

But forget all that, how do you like the Dubai Ports fiasco, engineered by John Snow (treasury) who just happened to CEO the multinational that created DP in the last '90s.

We've launched articles of impeachment over far lesser things in this country's history (stained dresses come to mind).

Posted by: Yori yanover at February 23, 2006 2:30 PM

Just to add a poetic touch to your final point:

When William Clinton was the president

To get a blow job was a big disgrace.

But times have changed, now it's OK

To shoot a load in some old geezer's face!

Posted by: Reb Yudel at February 23, 2006 2:47 PM
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