January 29, 2006

by Reb Yudel
The Forward, providing a platform for totalitarians since 2006

Some of us had thought that the Forward, which under Seth Lipsky had championed Iraqi freedom fighter / Iranian secret agent Ahmed Chalabi, was going to return to its true pro-democracy roots under J.J.Goldberg's direction.

Some of us were wrong, since the Forward this week is running a disengenuous column by John Yoo, author of the various "the President is the Law" rulings by which George W. Bush has justified illegal surveillance and torture, to speak only of the crimes that have come out.

One wonders: Was the Forward paid for the piece, like so many media outlets who run Republican Party propaganda? Or were they threatened with being declared enemy combatants if they didn't devote a page to Yoo's tripe?

And tripe it is, if you forget, for a second, that Yoo's views are the operative law of the land. Tripe, and disengenuous.

To start with, note that Yoo is playing the classic Republican Party game of changing the subject. At a time when Yoo's ruling in support of an imperial presidency is being trotted out to justify Bush's spying in direct contradiction to Congressional statute, Yoo talks about declaration of war.

Yo, editor: You couldn't get Yoo to write on today's issue?

So Yoo begins thusly:

As commander in chief and chief executive, the president has the constitutional authority and the responsibility to protect the nation from foreign attack.
And here is his disenguous notion of checks and balances:
If Congress wants to prevent military adventurism, it can simply do nothing — presidents can wage no war without the troops and weapons funded by Congress.
Really, Mr. Yoo? Really, Mr. Bush? And really, Mr. Goldberg?

Because what is to stop the president from signing a piece of paper declaring an opposition congressman an "enemy combatant" for refusing to fund the war?

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