January 25, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Speaking of the "liberal" media

Media Matters tells me how little I missed by not reading today's NYTimes op-ed page:

The January 25 edition of The New York Times featured an op-ed by John R. Lott Jr., a resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute who has a long record of dishonesty and misinformation in his scholarly works. The New York Times allowed Lott to trumpet his "new" study -- completed December 2004 -- and to allege "liberal bias" in the American Bar Association's ratings for federal district and circuit court nominees.
As it happens, the latest piece of my post-Times media plan showed up in the mailbox: The first issue of my new Scientific American subscription. None of the sort of shallow confusion between science and faith which characterizes the Times, and would have set Rav Kook's teeth on edge. And excellent graphics, particularly on such trick subjects as RNA actions.

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