January 13, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Sam Alito, David Brooks

Steve Gilliard takes on David Brooks' take on Alito:

Nice try Dave, but the reason the Dems lost people like the Alitos is that they gained people like my family.

My father registered as a Republican in 1955, while in the Marines. Why? Because he had grown up in South Carolina and black people didn't vote Democratic there, or vote, actually.

When people like the Alito's fled the city, it was for two reasons, the GI Bill allowing home ownership and the fact they hated living near blacks. Levittown, Bill O'Reilly's home town was restricted, meaning NO niggers allowed. Long Island STILL suffers from residential segrggation today, with blacks corralled in a few towns.

The fact was that the Alitos of the world didn't want to live anywhere near blacks and didn't want to give them shit, much less give up their jobs to them. They didn't like living next to them in Newark, and they didn't want them around, period.

The thing about Sam Alito was that he was in the first generation of Italians to not bear the complete stigma of ethnicity. When Mario Cuomo left law school in the late 1950's, the only way an Italian got a good white collar job was by changing his name and pretending to be a WASP.

The idea that Alito had no racial biases is a joke. On a personal level, he probably gets along with people, but when dealing with groups, he has an animus towards minorities which is seen through his decisions. To pretend that these people reacted to liberalism is a delusional lie. They reacted to race, pure and simple.

Steve's family may have made the northern Republican party, but my great-uncle, Herman Heyman, midwifed the southern Republican party.... and seems to have directly inspired Alito's quest for the Supremes.

Don't get me wrong: Uncle Herman would not be proud of any of this. I suspect that he would strongly urge the Democrats to fillibuster the fibbing bastard.


Steve Gilliard is not incorrect in his observations, but anybody with an even remote recollection of the upheavals in the Democratic party between 1968 and 1972 knows that northern white ethnics left the party in droves because of a number of reasons, most having to do with discomfort over the vietnam war protests and the support for the early feminists and abortion rights activists.

Race was definitely a factor, but one has to go back to the language of democratic party officials in the early 1970's to realize how poorly they handled the transition to a more open and free party.

Posted by: Jordan Hirsch at January 22, 2006 12:16 AM
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