January 4, 2006

by Reb Yudel
Boston crab-eaters flout Biblical morality!t

A lot of people don't expect much morality from those who don't take the Bible seriously, so perhaps it's not surprising that a group which isn't ashamed to indulge in pork and crab ends up bearing false witness against their neighbors. Still, even if one has the lowest expectations of evangelical Christians and their convenient desire for the government to allow what the Bible forbids when they like it (e.g. eating treif) and to ban what the Bible forbids when they share its taste (e.g. rubbing genitals with another man), the following anecdote from The American Prospect takes their goyishe chutzpah to new depths: TAPPED: January 2006 Archives
DIRTY TRICKS. I’m a one-stop shopping kind of guy, which is how I found myself in a Boston-area Target one Saturday afternoon last September. Upon exiting the store I was greeted by a pleasant-seeming woman with a petition table. Would I be interested, she asked me, in signing a petition to permit grocery stores to start stocking beer and wine?

Being a one-stop shopping kind of guy, I thought it was a good idea. It would simplify my provision runs. Massachusetts is still very puritanical in many ways, and several “Blue Laws” regarding the sale of alcohol, enacted in the 1600’s, are still on the books. It was only within the last few years that liquor stores were even permitted to be open on Sundays, and then only with restrictions.

So I signed the petition, once on the petition itself, and once on what I was told was a “backup copy.”

Imagine my dismay to discover, more recently, that I have become a victim of a far-reaching political fraud. That “backup copy” I signed was in fact Amendment Petition 05-02. This petition calls for a strict definition of legal marriage as between a man and a woman, and makes no provisions for same-sex civil unions – in essence, banning same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, reversing the progress made on this front over the last two years. Imagine my dismay. And outrage.

All I wanted was a way to simplify my beer runs.

Agencies such as MassEquality (who happen to be next-door neighbors of the Prospect’s Boston office) and the controversial KnowThyNeighbor.org have been conscientious about tracking down people who may have signed this petition under false pretenses. It was through MassEquality that I discovered I was listed as a petition signer. It’s a comfort – albeit a cold one – to know that I’m not alone. This petition drive has netted over 100,000 signatures, and who knows how many were collected under fraudulent circumstances. At least one, that’s for sure, and where there’s one there’s sure to be others: People like me, lured by the promise of convenient one-stop shopping, then duped into becoming pawns in a very disturbing game.

The Attorney General’s Office of Massachusetts could not be reached for comment, but the petition – with its record-breaking number of signatures – has been approved and will be a ballot question in the 2008 elections. And I think I’ll be shopping at Walgreen’s from now on.

--Tim O’Brien

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