December 23, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Don't fence me in

A close friend received the following email appeal, highlighted the sentences that appear below in all caps, and asks, "Have they no sense of Irony?"

Subject: Urgent Help needed in Israel - YOU CAN HELP Shalmai Pozes is a settler in Ophrah, a settlement thirty minutes north of Jerusalem. He is the father of seven children, thank G-d, ranging from 14-29. Out of them, five are married, and the youngest two are still in grade-school. For the last twenty eight years, Shalmai has worked as a farmer. Together with eight other farmers, he developed a prosperous, 250 dunim orchard of cherries, nectarines kiwi and grapes, around the settlement of Givon. The ground on which they built this orchard was originally under Jordanian rule and controlled by Arabs. HOWEVER BY WORKING THE LAND, JEWS WERE ABLE TO GAIN BACK A MEASURE OF THE AREA, WHICH IS STILL SURROUNDED BY ARAB VILLAGES. EVERY YEAR THESE ARAB VILLAGES ARE TAKING OVER MORE AND MORE LAND as this area has a strategic importance to the state of Israel - it protects Jerusalem from the west. Thus the Palestinians are QUICKLY TAKING OVER THE LAND in order to prevent a “Jewish Connection” between Jerusalem and Givat Zeev. Regretfully, the Israeli government doesn’t really seem to be paying much attention to this issue or doing anything to prevent it
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