December 15, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Jackie and the ACLU

Jackie Mason's anti-ACLU rant on O'Reilly and Burt Prelutsky's similar tirade inspired my latst column. I spent a few hours reasearching the ACLU's caseload to see if in fact, per MAson, "The ACLU are a bunch of sick people who fight for anything that’s anti-American, anything that’s dirty or vulgar, and they hate anything that’s respectable or decent." Instead, suprise surprise, they stand up for such sick people as Orthodox Jews, religous Catholics, and schoolgirls who want to sing Christian hymns at school talent shows. What's more,

I have yet to find a single case in which the ACLU takes the side of a client who objects to anyone — a public official, a shop clerk, a schoolteacher — saying “Merry Christmas.” I did come across a case in which the ACLU filed a brief “in support of two women who were fired for refusing to work at a greyhound racetrack on Christmas Day.”
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