December 8, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Onward Christmas soldiers

A new holiday tradition, my annual Christmas column:

The idea that a vast religious majority in this country is being suppressed by a small but powerful band of “liberals” — O’Reilly calls them “the loony left, the Kool-Aid secular progressive ACLU America-haters” — would be funny if it didn’t speak to a dangerous sense of victimhood within much of conservative Christian rhetoric.

For another take on the same issue, see Jonathan Tobin's column in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent:

So what's really causing people like Fox News personality John Gibson to write a book claiming there is a "Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday?" Do Gibson and fellow Fox provocateur Bill O'Reilly really think Target, Sears and Costco are trying to undermine faith when their ads wish customers "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas?"

Maybe. Or have they just spent so much time listening to Jewish whining about December that they've started to copy it? Some days it seems that Rev. Jerry Falwell and O'Reilly are just aping the "dilemma" paranoia routine that liberal Jews have perfected.

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