November 8, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Yudelson embraces monotheism, pluralism, Rome

Not me, my mom. But I'm proud of her:

Jews and Catholics from Rochester are on a mission to Rome.

They are marking the anniversary of an historic proclamation promoting harmony between the Vatican and non-Christian religions.

Those involved left Rochester for Rome Monday morning. Their visit will help mark the 40th anniversary of the church's deal to promote unity among all religions.

B.J. Yudelson of the Jewish Community Federation is among those flying to Italy.

"We live in a pluralistic society,” she said. “I think we all worship and were created by the same god. I think it's important to relate how we all do it yet we're all brothers and sisters at some level."

Bishop Matthew Clark and Rabbi Alan Katz are part of the Rochester contingent that will spend five days in Rome.

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