October 27, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Two Years Ago in the Conservative Imagination

The war in Iraq now consists of a race: The United States is racing to build up Iraqi police and armed forces capable of taking over the country's security -- before the Saddam loyalists and their jihadist allies can produce that single, Beirut-like car bomb that so discourages Americans (and Iraqis) that we withdraw in disarray.

Who wins the race? If this president remains in power, the likelihood is that we do.

So wrote Charles Krauthammer two years ago. Quite prophetic: By defining victory down to not withdrawing, the Republican Party guarantees that Bush can't lose the war.

Doesn't do too much good for anyone else, least of all the 2,000 American soldiers who have died for the apparent purpose of ensuring that American soldiers can continue to die in Iraq....

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