October 9, 2005

by Reb Yudel
One of the benefits of no longer being a NYTimes subscriber

I'm quite glad that I didn't contribute to the salaries of the writers and editors responsible for the latest cozy-up-to-the-fundamentalists article in the New York Times. In other words, I agree with sentiments expressed by
Pharyngula::Screw you, New York Times

This is quite possibly the worst example of incompetent "he said, she said" journalism yet: Seeing Creation and Evolution in Grand Canyon. And it's in the New York Times, in the Science section! It begins and ends with the point of view of a creationist rafting trip down the Grand Canyon, and in between has snippets from another trip, by a group of scientists and informed laymen led by Eugenie Scott. Nowhere does it discuss the volume of evidence that refute the creationist view of a young earth; instead, we get repeated statements about it being just a "different view". The Christian group are humble people off to "Worship in a Glorious Cathedral", who are sincerely "interested in truth". The scientists, meanwhile, are "dismissive and at times disrespectful of religion". Even when it acknowledges that many in the NCSE group were religious, it goes out of the way to make them seem like weirdos.

What's actually quite bizarre is that when I was writing and editing for an Orthodox Jewish publication -- Yeshiva University's Hamevaser -- I was clearer about the facticity of evolution than these supposedly "objective" reporters.

Actually, the "two different tours" approach is a great way to cover all sorts of controversies. Imagine comparing two runs through the Holocaust Museum, one with Abe Foxman and one with Ernst Zundel....

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