September 7, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Karl Rove: Bush is a A Category Five Wimp

The new Party line is that the president would have loved to have helped, but he was waiting for an official invitation. He couldn't order in the national guard , or order the army to readiness, or do a gosh-darn thing without the local officials signing off on the pretty-please paperwork.

The can-do president was too much the southern gentleman to wrestle Katrina on his own.

So, the message from the Bushistas is that their beloved President was too much of a wimp to rush in and save people's lives?

Dubya a wimp?

That would explain his war record.

The president a wimp?

That would explain his reading the Pet Goat as New York City burned

Bush Jr. a wimp?

That would explain his failure to veto a single pork-laden, deficit-ballooning spending bill, despite his obstensible commitment to "small government"

Bush a wimp?

That would explain why he didn't think to challenge his cabinet officials who were predicting that a war in Iraq would require no post-war plans, and that the occupation administration could be staffed with 25-year-old Party activists.

Bush a wimp?

So I guess the official Party line is now this:


And that's what his defenders are saying!

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