September 4, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Call for leadership: McCain / Gore in '05

For four years, Bush said homeland security was the top priority.

He didn't do diddlysquat.

Arthur Silber put it concisely:

[T]he Bush administration’s use of fear is revealed as a lie from beginning to end—as a political strategy, with no further meaning. They never took any of their own endlessly repeated warnings of calamity seriously at all. They never meant any of it.

So now what?

Calls to "impeach Bush" are meaningless, because Bush is not the problem; Bush is the symptom.

The problem is an administration without grownups. An administration that doesn't believe in planning. An executive that doesn't know how to execute.

The problem is George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condalisa "Shop-a-lot" Rice.

The problem is a Party-controlled Congress, that marched in goosestep lockstep with the Administration. A Congress that enabled a disfunctional presidency.

It's time to give Congress a choice: They can all be tarred and feathered with the brush of George "Louisana Baby-Killer" Bush.

Or they can get us new leadership of the executive, and return to the systems of checks and balances.

It's to demand that our Congressmen -- both Democrats and Republicans -- support a resolution calling for:

  1. The resignation of Dick Cheney
  2. The appointment of John McCain as vice president
  3. The resignation of George Bush
  4. The appointment of Al Gore as vice president
  5. The full and complete pardon of George Bush and Dick Cheney for any crimes committed in office
  6. A renewal of Congressional oversight
  7. A renewal of the traditional role of the Congressional minority party
  8. A pledge to oppose any judicial appointments who had given excessive deference to the decisions of George Bush

Could this work? Could this be a platform for an outraged populace and disgusted Congress? Damned if I know. But I do know that generic calls to "Impeach Bush" are meaningless.

And I am convinced that three and a half more years of Bush / Cheney will cost us at least one more American metropolis.

Democrats won't like a Republican in the White House who could run for re-election in '08. Republicans won't like having a Democrat as veep, and resurrecting the career of a failed Democratic candidate.

But John McCain understands Congressional oversight, Al Gore understands executive branch oversight, and it's time to put aside the ass-covering of the Bush Administration, and move forward to save this country.


You know, as well as I, that this will never fly, but I whole heartedly agree.
I propose something different - Civil Disobedience, organized and honest and everywhere. I would welcome FBI informants to my meetings of CD.
I am old and marched in the Civil Rights marches in the 60s' and marched against the Viet Nam War. Yes, I am old, but I will still march and write letters and sign petitions and boycott fools and their businesses.
May the God of all people guide us in this. The true God that we all worship, Muslims, Christians, Jews, et al.
With God's guidance, and our sense of right and wrong we can prevail, but only if we take non-violent action.
I certainly will support what you are trying to achieve, but with the help of the millions who agree with your basic premise and their ideas will build a TRUTH to fight power.
Am I crazy, a raving ranting liberal? Maybe. But I care about all people, rich and poor, of all colors and beliefs.
Act, but act with God's guidance.

Posted by: Rik@work at September 5, 2005 7:09 AM
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