September 1, 2005

by Reb Yudel
YudelLine: Katrina is God's Punishment on the American People for Hiring Bush

Just as God punishes people who jump out of airplanes without parachutes, or who douse themselves with gasoline and light a match, God punishes those who hire a man who never worked a day in his life to manage their country.

Maybe I'm just bitter, because I've always placed work responsibilities ahead of vacation.

Maybe because I was taught that those who lead have to work the hardest -- not take the longest vacations.

But I think there's a real lesson here, and that is that America cannot survive another three and a half years of this administration. It is time for impeachment.

To plagiarize from
who quotes Wolcott:

No, this is the time for politics, none better, because I can tell you just from being out of NY a few days that a lot of people in this country are shocked and sobered by New Orleans, but they're also worried and pissed off. They're making the connection between the money, manpower, and resources expended in Iraq and how raggedy-ass the rescue effort has been in the Gulf. If you don't say it now when people's nerves are raw and they're paying full attention, it'll be too late once the waters receded and the media-emoting "healing process" begins.

This event is emblematic of Republican governance. It encompasses every fuck-up they've perpetrated since they took over the entire national governament --- failure to plan, embracing only the best case scenario, lagging response, ignoring the experts, slashing funds and endless, endless happy talk that we can SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES is bullshit. (They are already saying that nobody is reporting all the "good news.")

The fact that most of these refugees (a word that I can hardly believe I'm typing) are black and poor residents who were unable to leave and were therefore, left to die, is emblematic also.

No, this is all about politics. It is about a GOP era of massive tax breaks for very rich Americans, billion dollar a week elective wars that we are losing while more and more people fall into poverty and the infrastructure of this country crumbles around our ears.

This failed experiment in free-market magical thinking can be summed up entirely by pictures of dead elderly Americans on the streets of New Orleans.