August 22, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Why I'm cancelling my New York Times subscription - A draft

To the editor,

Congratulations on breaking free from the bonds of facts and evidence, and presenting the views of "Intelligent Design" propagandists as if they were of equal merit with those of actual scientists.

I look forward to future reports, in which you will give serious consideration to matters of both foreign policy ("Are Military Deaths Caused By God's Hatred of Homosexuals?") and history ("Questions Raised About Nazi 'Holocaust' Allegations").

Those reports won't be delivered to my door, however, since I'm cancelling my subscription. I've been maintaining a subscription, even as I read more and more news online, because I felt an obligation to pay for the reporting. "Journalism" like this, however, will be happily funded by right-wing billionaires. Henceforth, I'll stick to reading blogs, where refutations to Creationist claptrap are effortlessly refuted.

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