August 4, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
The Shfaram shooting

Jewish gunman kills four on bus in Arab town

How soon before Barry Chamish and the other conspiracy theorists put out a statement saying the attack was an attempt by the Israeli intelligence services to discredit the settlers?

UPDATE: Sure enough -- see the comments to the article linked above. Utterly despairing reading.


The interesting thing is that several commnetators responding to Barry Chamish's piece, including yourself, have seen no need to actually examine the man's arguments, other than to say that they've been written by him. In this Barry is truly fulfilling the function assigned him by the Zionist junta, of being the crazy man who voices ideas which, had they been expressed by someone else, could cause political damage.

I would advise you, Andrew, to study the checkered history of Israel's internal security service, dating back to the 1920's. It could teach dirty tricks to the best of them. Discounting Barry's argument and buying the establishment view on right wing assassinations in Israel may be premature.

Posted by: Yori yanover at August 5, 2005 6:32 AM

And how do you know that I haven't "examine[d] the man's arguments"? Now had you written, "don't find the man's arguments at all convincing; in fact, consider him to be Israel's most talented science fiction writer" you would have been closer to the mark.

How does the Zionist "junta" actually do this "assigning" of these stalking horses? Is there a job application one can fill out?

I know, I know, you'll win this argument by calling folks like me hopelessly naive.

Posted by: andy at August 5, 2005 10:39 AM

Here, in America, we're beginning to understand what happens to our democratic institutions when power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. But our system is so vast, it'll take us decades, I hope, before it degenerates to where Israel's democracy is today.

In a system which all but ignores most of its voices, pushing them to the fringe, the volatility of unstable individuals becomes very useful to the establishment. No one had to plot the Tzubeiri event. The method is not in a one-on-one operation like the GSS agent Avishai Raviv with his pawn Yigal Amir. The method is in stripping whole segments of the population of power, to then divide and conquer at will. This works for Palestinian informants who sell their brothers and sisters for fifty shekel. This works for many other disenfranchised populations. They can all be used, they all find their purpose.

I would argue that the timing Barry pointed to, as each government action against the settlers was preceded by an act of crazy murder, attests not to a Chamish-style conspiracy but to a methodology of the junta, designed to perpetuate its hold over the state.

Don't be so quick to put junta in quotes, Andrew. Note that since 1980 every single prime minister in Israel has come from the military industrial complex, not just the military (this includes Peres and Weizman). The same goes for a huge percentage of each cabinet. The IDF, not law school, is where Israeli policy makers learn about life.

Don't be so quick to reject arguments about media bias, in a country where three families own the central means of communication.

And don't be so quick to rejoice at the disengagement law. It marks the beginning of the countdown for the expulsion of all Arabs from Israel. And not just Arabs, but anyone the majority at any given time would decide to get rid of.

You're not naive, you just mistake Israel for a western democracy. It may be more democratic than the rest of the countries in the Middle East, but not much more than that.

Posted by: Yori Yanovert at August 5, 2005 12:34 PM
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